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AI in web development is a hot topic right now! Artificial Intelligence, according to John McCarthy, is “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.” In other words, it’s a technology that act like humans. 

There are many ways in which AI in Web Developmentcan be used, mostly for problem-solving solutions and as a human replacement. 

Artificial Intelligence Applications involve as follows: 

  • Speech Recognition: computer speech recognition or speech-to-text. The example of that can be Siri or Alexa. 
  • Customer Service: online chatbots, virtual agents and voice assistants. 
  • Computer Vision: derivation of information from images, videos, or other inputs. 
  • Recommendation Engines: Discovering data trends using the past data. 
  • Automated Stock Trading: To optimize stock portfolios.

The examples of applications show that AI becomes increasingly popular in a digital world, that involves Web Development. It made it simple and less time-consuming to create a website, make it more efficient and actually create a good customer engagement. 

Is it possible that it will actually take over the whole Website Development process? 

That is the question that many developers are worried about. So, let’s have a look at this. First we need to ask a question: Why is AI in Web Development a thing and what can it do? AI is used:

  1. In the process of developing a Website to simplify the developing process 
  2. To stimulate Customer Engagement through AI-powered chatbots 
  3. To make the coding faster – automated coding 
  4. To conduct customer behaviour analysis by monitoring their activity 
  5. For Quality Assurance and maintenance 
  6. For AI Research – to research new methods of improving services and products 
  7. For Personalised User Experience (UX), which makes customers feel more valued when using a website 

That’s a lot of stuff and it’s definitely going to increase with continuous AI development. Every web development company will aim to adopt AI as it will maximize customer interaction and improve experience. More customers also prefer to engage online so the role of AI is predicted to grow exponentially, which will completely change the way customers interact with businesses. 

AI in Web Development
Artificial Inteligence

What to do in this situation? 

Companies will look for people with not only web developing skills, but also the ones interested in and being able to adopt Machine Learning and AI into the real-world business.

Will AI in web development take over building websites?

The question if AI will take over the Web Development is valid and understandable. It’s not likely that it will happen in the near future, as AI still can’t fully measure up to what a human can do. AI can be a good help but definitely not a replacement. Not yet anyway. 

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