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In this beginner’s course, you will be taught essential digital skills as well as learning how to set up a laptop. This free digital course covers all the basics you need to build confidence in using technology. Most importantly you will learn some top tips and tricks to ensure that you are staying safe and your device is secure when online.

Explore videos and engaging content and learn new skills to help you get online.

This course covers:

  • Laptop components and setting up your device 
  • Trackpad/mouse and keyboard training
  • Internet Security, Safety, and Scams
  • How to use Google and Youtube
  • Video Calls with Zoom
  • Emails – Setting up an account and sending emails
  • Setting up and using Gdrive and Docs
  • Using Canva to make presentations
  • Social Media and setting up a Facebook account
  • Internet Banking

This course is part of the Getting Oxfordshire Online project to increase digital inclusion in the Oxfordshire Area (UK).

Do you struggle with using your computer or want to learn new Digital Skills?

Join our FREE 2-day course to learn new digital skills which could make you more employable, connect with friends and family, and stay safe online, and includes:

  • An introduction to your laptop device
  • Security, safety, and how to avoid scams
  • An introduction to Social Media
  • Typing and writing emails
  • Using Google Drive and Docs
  • How to make a Canva presentation

This new course will be delivered from the Aspire Enterprise Hub at 21 Templars Square, Oxford OX4 3XQ , Cowley. To qualify for this free course, you must be over 18 and living in Oxfordshire.

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