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A donation to the PODTech Network CIC could help change lives in your community. Though our programmes we are increasing digital awareness, confidence and proficiency for all ages and demographics. Our ever evolving range of resources reach clients in the heart of the community. PODTech also offers subsidised services to help self-employed individuals struggling with financial independence.

*”53% of UK employees do not have the Essential Digital Skills required for the workplaces of today and tomorrow. 11.9 million (22%) people do not have the skills for everyday life – the ability to manage money online, engage in government services and find a job online”
Lloyds Bank

Self-Employed business owners recieving little to no digital training
Single Donation

Could support 1 client to gain new digital business skill and increase employability.


Could up-skill 1 client to setup a professional business website and start making an income.


Could support 1 client to setup a business website and web hosting fees for 3 months.

Monthly Donation

Could cover 1 clients business insurance allowing them to trade and earn an income.


Could cover 1 clients monthly web hosting costs helping them to earn a living.

Device Donation
Donate your old devices and help PODTech get our clients online.

By donating your old devices, you can help fight digital exclusion in the UK. 22% of the UK is digitally disadvantaged and has no access to electronic devices like smartphones or laptops. By simply having access to basic devices our clients can stay connected with friends and loved ones, look for employment and even save money by shopping online.

Device Donation
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