PODInternship Journalism and Digital Marketing
Creating opportunities for youth.

The PODInternship Journalism and Digital Marketing programme teaches a greater understanding and experience of digital and printed marketing, journalism skills, SEO blog writing, and client communication skills in youth. This 3-month internship will provide on-the-job training and guidance That will provide opportunities you to gain skills needed to start a career in journalism. PODInterns will write copy for vulnerable clients who lack the skills to market their own website, interview local charities in Oxfordshire, interview commercial businesses, and research and write interest pieces as part of the REACH Local Magazine.

PODInternship Journalism and Digital Marketing
How it works.

Your Work Will Support Vulnerable Clients

If you’re looking to get into the journalism or digital marketing industry a PODIntern programme is a good place to start and has a positive social impact supporting vulnerable clients and communities. Employers see real value in applicants who have supported charitable/social activities and have experience working in marketing, even if it falls out of the description of the job application. These qualities bring new perspectives and skills that can complement teams and may encourage employers to invest in you.

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Supporting clients with

Available Roles

Volunteer Assistant

What you will do:

  • Practicing editing and journalist skills
  • Researching and developing ideas for writing copy – these might be for the disadvantaged entrepreneurs we support or local businesses and events
  • Writing articles for both printed and digital formats
  • Proofreading copy
  • Assisting other staff and volunteers to meet deadlines
  • Organising meetings with internal and external stakeholders to better develop articles
  • May be required to attend in person interviews

Volunteer Assistant
Digital Marketer

What you will do:

  • Marketing/digital writing, blogs and social media posts
  • Researching and developing ideas to raise the profile of the magazine
  • Implementing strategies to build the brand following
  • Working as part of a team to deliver content for REACH Local’s social media platforms
  • Tweaking blogs on the REACH Local’s website to be more SEO friendly, monitoring traffic to the website and coming up with SEO strategies

Research Assistant

What you will do:

  • Research to understand how belief-driven buyers are segmented in Oxfordshire
  • Researching and developing ideas to profile and collect data from participants to understand our local community
  • Implementing strategies and working with the marketing department to collect data from a wider audience
  • Reaching out and building relationships with  new and existing contacts to collect data

Why Choose a REACH Local Internship?

Develop Your CV

The project is centred around using journalism as a force for social good, to support some of the most disadvantaged entrepreneurs in Oxfordshire. You will stand out and develop your CV through learning and evidencing new practical skills with flexible work experience.

Digital Marketing Skills

Learn how to post on WordPress, social media, format copy, improve copy SEO, manage links and post blogs to site successfully, optimised to reach a wider audience.

Fit Around Your Studies

Develop industry insight into the functioning of projects such as REACH Local. Flexible hours/times available for internship work with 100% virtual work with occasional online meetings/ reviews of work.

PODInternship Journalism and Digital Marketing
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Duration of Internship

PODInternship Journalism and Digital Marketing

Part-time, volunteer internship with around 16 hours a week. For a minimum of 3 months. Internships can be extended if both parties agree.

3 Months


The volunteer PODInternship is to support local communities and to gain work experience and does not constitute as employment. 

For more information on our PODIntern policy agreement, visit: