Web Building PODInternship
Creating opportunities for youth.

The Web Building PODInternship programme teaches a greater understanding and experience of web development, user experience (UX), website management and security, SEO and client communication skills in youth. The 3 month internship will pair you with a mentor who has industry experience in building websites. PODIntern’s will build 1-3 websites for vulnerable clients who lack the skills or finances to have their own website built.

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Your Work Will Support Vulnerable Clients

If you’re looking to get into the tech industry a PODIntern programme is a good place to start and has a positive social impact supporting vulnerable clients and communities. Tech employers see real value in applicants who have supported charitable/social activities and have experience working in tech, even if it falls out of the description of the job application. These qualities bring new perspectives and skills that can complement teams and may encourage employers to invest in you.

Web Building Course​

Apply for a PODIntern pass for FREE access to WordPress: Web Building for Beginners course. Build your own website and submit the final design as part of the application process.

Client Consultation

Meet vulnerable clients and gain industry experience through initial website consultation. Assess the clients requests and present an initial concept design.

Website Build

Begin your website build learning key skills such as user experience, website & hosting management, web building, SEO and finally website handover.


Graduate the programme having positively impacted vulnerable clients. Built websites can form part of your portfolio and new skills and work experience can be added to your CV.
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Supporting clients with

The Web Building PODInternship programme supports youth looking for industry experience and creates employment opportunities through building skills and digital capacity in our communities.

PODIntern’s support clients who face barriers engaging with technology to get their business online. These clients may face physical or mental health challenges or are struggling with financial independence that prevent them from building a business website. Everyone should have the ability to take their business online regardless of their circumstance.

What you'll learn

Client Communication Skills

You will experience and lead client consultation sessions with our vulnerable clients and assess their website needs and make suggestions to improve website functionality.

Website Mangagement

You will learn how to maintain and manage websites, keep them updated, troubleshoot, and fix issues & conflicts as they arise.


You will lead your web design projects, supported by a mentor with industry experience who will guide and advise you through your build.

Concept to Delivery

You will learn how to design a wireframe and concept artwork of the website. After the client has approved the artwork, you will begin the build and deliver the product to the client in the handover.

User Experience (UX)

You will learn the basic principles of design, colour theory and user experience. You will receive feedback on your designs as the build unfolds to improve UX.


Which programmes needed to format a website for SEO. How to write content and layout pages with SEO in mind.

Web Building PODInternship
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Web Building

Over the course of 3 months you will build 1-3 websites for a range of vulnerable clients.

Website Mangement

You will maintain and manage a handful of websites for clients. This will involve keeping them up to date and fixing any issues.

Duration of Internship

Web Building Internship

Flexible part time internship with around 14 hours a week. For a minimum of 3 months. Internships can be extended if both parties agree.

3 Months


The position delivers free websites to vulnerable communities and as a result is unpaid. The volunteer internship is to support local communities and to gain work experience. Any builds which are classed as commercial, and as a result are paid for, the volunteers time may be compensated.

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