Organising Your Web Browser Bookmarks in Chrome

Setting Bookmarks in Chrome

Now you understand how to use Google Chrome, it’s time to start organising your web browser to make your life easier. The quickest way to organise your browser is to use bookmarks in Chrome.

Bookmarks allow you to come back to a website that you have visited before, it works in a similar way to how a bookmark for an actual book would work. As you can see from the screenshot below, icons such as Facebook and YouTube are saved at the top of the browser as a bookmark. Once these icons are clicked, it will take the browser straight to the website. In the example below, the Facebook icon would take the browser to Facebook’s website.

bookmarks in chrome
Image Credit: GCF Global

Watch the short video below to learn how to save these bookmarks to your Google Chrome web browser, and hopefully this will make navigating the web much more straightforward.

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