Creating a Presentation in Canva

Creating a Presentation in Canva 101

In this topic we will be looking at creating a presentation in Canva. In the previous topic we looked at all the different elements of this design tool – so refer back to this if necessary.

Canva presentation is similar to Microsoft Powerpoint but (in our opinion) easier to use and create stunning presentations in minutes. Using a combination of editing tools and templates, you can build an effective presentation for your school/college, work or business. Watch the video below and learn how to use this design tool to make your presentation stand out.

In this video we cover:

  • Creating a blank presentation
  • Changing the documents name
  • Using Canva editor sidebar
  • Loading and editing templates
  • Adding and resizing images
  • Adding text and changing the font/size/colour
  • Presenter mode in Canva
  • How to export and share your Canva presentation

In some cases, it is easiest to just have a play around and learn that way, so don’t worry if the instructions are overwhelming and hard to remember! You can figure out Canva by experimenting yourself!