Using Google Docs & an Introduction to Your Keyboard

Introduction to Your Keyboard

The keyboard is how you can type words on your computer, there are some important shortcuts that it is worth knowing before you start.

Numbers and Deleting on your keyboard
Numbers and Deleting on your keyboard
Caps Lock and navigation on your keyboard
Caps Lock and navigation on your keyboard

Typing with Google Docs

In this short lesson, we will be looking at how to: create a new Google Doc, set a document name, change the font and style, search for a function in Google Docs, change the font appearance such as bold and italic, change text alignment, and create bullet points.

Follow through this video and learn how to write documents with Google Docs so you can create CVs, and documents for your business or work, or just improve your digital skills.

In this session, we also look at the fundamentals of typing, follow through and see how using QWERTY and Home Keys can improve your typing skills.

Home Keys

Home Keys are the basics of learning how to type. These keys are identified with slight bumps on the letters F and J. Position your hands in the same way the image highlights below.

Home Keys hand position
Photo Credit: Learn Typing

Now look at the image below and see how each finger relates to a colour and a specific key on your keyboard. When typing it is important to try and use the correct figures for the corresponding coloured key.

Home keys keyboard tutorial
Photo Credit: Learn Typing

Typing Exercise

Use the example below and try typing using your keyboard and the Home Keys. Remember to keep your fingers on the correct keys.

Left-Hand Home Row
ffff dddd ssss aaaa
fdsa fdsa fdsa fdsa

Right-Hand Home Row
jjjj kkkk llll ;;;;
jkl; jkl; jkl; jkl;

Both Hands Together Now
F j d K s l A ; f j D k S l a ;

Now try typing the paragraph typed below.

Typing Example:

My name is Jane and I am using this paragraph to practice my typing skills.
These skills may be challenging at first, but with practice, I know that I will become better. Good luck with your typing skills as well!

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