Files and Links

A file or folder is a container that holds something. This could be images, documents, and/or programmes. Watch the video explaining how to make a folder and you could try creating your first folder!

Video Credit:
Professor Adam Morgan

Files can also be used to inject viruses into your laptop. There will be more on viruses and malware later in this course. With this in mind, we need to make sure that we are only opening files sent to us from someone we know or trust. Most commonly, a file can appear as an attachment to an email or can be sent to your computer directly via wifi or Bluetooth.

A link can have many functions, they can either contain a file which will download onto your computer from online or take you to a website. A link is often a long line of letters, numbers, and symbols. Often these appear as blue underlined text as shown below.

You will learn how to send emails and attachments later in this course but remember to only open emails and attachments or click links from people you know or trust.