Introduction to Internet Security, Safety, and Scams

It is important to ensure we are being as safe as possible when using digital devices or browsing online, and this is what internet safety is. It is very easy to open up our device to being hacked or give away our information which could result in our identity being copied or losing money.

We will go through some of the following in this lesson:

  • Keeping your equipment safe
  • Keeping your personal data (information) safe
  • Protection from cyberbullying
  • Passwords & protecting your online accounts
  • Avoiding being tricked or scammed
  • Keeping your money safe

Personal & Sensitive Data

Personal data is any information that could be used to identify you. This could be things such as :

  • Your age or gender
  • Bank details
  • Contact details like your phone number or email address
  • Home address
  • Health conditions or any medication
  • Car number plate
  • Children that live with you

It is essential to limit what information you give out to people online or by filling out online forms as this could result in someone cloning your identity or accessing your money. Only give away personal or sensitive information online to people you know or trust. Watch the short video below to learn more on how to spot a scam and stay safe online.

Video Credit: IndependentAge