Learn to Type

Learn to Type Using a Laptop

In this lesson, you will learn to type using your laptop’s keyboard. These exercises are taken from Learn Typing, if you want to learn more about how to type, complete this lesson and head over to their website by clicking the button below.

Basics of Typing – Home Keys

On your keyboard, you will notice bumps on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys. These are here to allow you to position your hands without looking at the keyboard. Looking at the diagram below, see how your left-hand index finger is placed on the F key and the right-hand index finger is placed on the J key.

Use the diagram below and position your hands in the same way on your laptop keyboard.

Home Keys hand position
Photo Credit: Learn Typing

Next, open your preferred typing application, this could be Microsoft Word (PC) or Pages (Mac). If you don’t have these installed on your computer you can do this for free in a Google Doc. There is a short tutorial for how to setup google docs which you can find here. Once you have opened a new document, try positioning your hands as shown in the diagram above and try typing the following letters into the document.

Left-Hand Home Row
ffff dddd ssss aaaa
fdsa fdsa fdsa fdsa

Right-Hand Home Row
jjjj kkkk llll ;;;;
jkl; jkl; jkl; jkl;

Both Hands Together Now
F j d K s l A ; f j D k S l a ;

Once you have completed this exercise, we can now look at other sections of your keyboard. You will notice that your keyboard doesn’t run alphabetically (from a-b). All keyboards follow the QWERTY method. This is the name given to the specific order and position of the keys on your keyboard. The most common vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and consonants (all other letters) are positioned and grouped in a way to make them easiest to reach.

You will see that the keys in the diagram below are coloured and numbered to match your fingers. Using the whole keyboard, try typing your name or a short paragraph using only the correct finger for the correct coloured key.

Home keys keyboard tutorial
Photo Credit: Learn Typing