Turning On a Laptop and Powering Off

Turning On a Laptop

To turn on your laptop, you must ensure the battery is charged or the device is connected to the mains through a charging cable. To turn on, or power on, your device you will need to press the power button. This is usually located in the top left or right of the bottom panel of your laptop. It will look slightly different to the rest of your keys and contain the power symbol. The power symbol is a circle with a line through it. Below is an example of how your power button may look.

Power Button

Turning Off a Laptop

Turning off your computer, or powering down, is a little bit more tricky.

To shut down your device, select Start (Windows symbol) in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and then select Power  > Shut down. Below is an image showing the process.

Photo credit: How to Geek